Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rescued by the Space Pope

I was on a space ship in zero g.  The ship was pretty colorful, most of it was white or silver metal but all the doors, storage, etc. were painted yellow, orange, or red.  There were big windows to see the stars, and as I floated through the corridors and explored, I was happy that this spaceship was obviously designed never to have gravity.  There was no floor and corridors branched off in all directions, there was no up or down.

Tony was there, and we were flirting like when we first met.  We went exploring, as a date, holding hands and giggling as we frolicked in zero g.  We went out into a huge sun room area that had glass on all sides and kind of a tower of handles you could hold onto in the middle, so you could climb out to the end and be surrounded by space.

Tony and I started to go out onto the tower, but then Tony pulled his back.  He couldn't move himself, he was stuck with his arms kind of claw-like and his back arched.  I called out for someone to help and my friend Nathan came to our rescue, dressed in totally ridiculous lavender and mint green and gold and white scifi robes, like something Whoopi Goldberg would wear in Star Trek but with a Pope hat.  Nathan saw Tony's condition and said "Oh this happens all the time, I'm really good at fixing it," and grabbed Tony around the chest with one arm and dug his knuckles into the middle of Tony's back.  It looked painful and Tony yelled, but Nathan did some kind of twist with his hand and popped something in Tony's back, and then everything was fine.  Tony was back to full health.

We thanked Nathan, who floated away like he had some kind of little hidden motors that let him move however he wanted rather than use the handles in the walls like anyone else.

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