Monday, December 26, 2011

Mexican IT Football Hero

I moved to Mexico and was jobhunting.  I found a company that had three different openings for computer/IT/web positions, and I felt I was qualified for any of the three.  I went to interview and I was really excited because the pay was really good and knew I had it in the bag.

When I arrived for the interview, there was nobody in the building.  The lights were off and the late afternoon/early evening sunlight was lighting the place up all golden stripey through the blinds.  There was a voice over the intercom asking me things and then we started talking about football.  I told them if they ever went to a football game it should be the Vikings.

Then I went into another room and there was a little football field there.  Like maybe 1/4 the size of a normal football field, but inside and with a ceiling.  The grass was real and there was a haze in the air like they'd just had the sprinklers on, and the golden sunlight was making it all glow golden-orange.

And then I noticed I had a football in my hands, but it was sort of a wiffle-bell version of a football that was like a neon yellow-green plastic football-shaped cage-like ball.  And there was an actual football game going on, and there were massive football players running at me.

I took off running.  The room around the field had disappeared and the sky was dark, like it was a night game with big artificial lights, and I was now wearing a Vikings uniform and pads and everything.  The other team (maybe the Raiders or something, they were wearing black) was after me.  All my other teammates were on the ground with injuries so it was up to me.

I ran and ducked and dodged and spun, and I made it to the end zone and spiked the plastic ball.  There was a whole stadium of cheering people and the other Vikings picked me up on their shoulders and carried me around the room (it was a room again, but now was crowded full of people).

I had saved the game and won myself a place on the team.  They said I got to pick my groupies out of a big crowd of people in swimsuits, and the room we were in turned into the deck of a cruise ship.  Everyone wanted to be in my entourage, and when I looked over the rail of the ship, there was literally a sea of fans.  The whole ocean was actually people cheering for me.

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