Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Calling Card

I was an heir to a big Apple-like company.  So was my friend Emma.  But the company was evil, so I decided to steal a bunch of the inventions and run away and use the technology to make the world a better place.  I went to the invention display table thing and grabbed a bunch of glossy white doohickeys.  They snapped together into a little suitcase-shaped object.

I ran out the door.  Emma was on my side though she stayed in, it was our plan that I get free and then break her out later.  She stalled everyone so it was a couple minutes before they realized I'd really run away, and then the alarms sounded.  I was running through our underground maze and the Apple troops were after me.  I knew the way through the maze, and came out to the outside world.  Immediately I was jumping fences and running through bushes and gardens, thinking the troops would stick to roads and paths.  I used a rope to swing across a deep valley and tied the rope to a tree, but there was a bridge not too far away so it only bought a little time.

The city I was running through was hilly and had a lot of beautiful terraced parks.  This same city appears in my dreams often, so I knew the areas and headed for where I thought I could get help.

The troops following me started a tornado.  I could see the black funnel of it across the valley, and it was pretty slow-moving so I felt like I had some time.  I went to a house where I knew my brother Simon would be.  I wanted to call my dad, so I used a payphone in the stairwell.  Simon gave me the number, but there was some intricate way of dialing to not have to pay and it kept not working even thought I was doing it right.

I ran and checked out the window and the tornado was closer.  I freaked and told Simon I really really needed to get Dad on the phone.  He gave me a calling card.

I looked at the calling card for a second and then I was like "A fucking calling card?  Really?  Is it 2002?!!?"

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