Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Presidential Waterskiing Competition

I was in a flying aircraft of some kind, flying close to the surface of the ocean.  I opened the aircraft's cargo door, which was like a big ramp on the front, so we could see the water and dolphins and stuff.  The plane was too close to the water though, and when the ramp opened all the way it dipped below the surface and the water came rushing into the cargo bay.

Bill Clinton and I then dove out into the ocean and started to waterski behind the plane.  We could see it was kind of more like a flying saucer or scifi drop ship.  Since I was running for president, Bill advised that I beat Herman Cain at waterskiing tricks.  So I went over ramps and did spin moves and flips and stuff like that.

I kicked Cain's ass at waterskiing, and Bill tried to beat me but I sabotaged the ramp and he fell and was totally embarrassed.  Then a really tall blond Swedish-looking woman beat up Herman Cain and I congratulated her and gave her my President crown.

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