Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What if I had an Emily of my own?

We were getting a robot of my best friend Emily to keep at home because I don't get to see her very often and I miss her. I was supposed to choose what era Emily to get. Did I want teenager Emily with braces, from when we first became friends? Senior Emily, a little more graceful? College Emily, Youngest At Her Proper Grownup Job Emily, Bride Emily, Pregnant Emily, or her current form, Mama Emily? Each had different powers and strengths, and would remain the same forever. At first I was excited and happy while trying to choose, remembering different times we spent together. It was fun to reminisce.

But then I started to be worried that I'd pick the wrong one and regret it. I wouldn't have much in common with Teenage Emily anymore for instance. Even if I picked the most recent Emily, she would become obsolete as the real Emily continued to grow and evolve and learn and change.

I decided not to get a robot Emily at all. An Emily who will not be slightly different and new each time I see her wouldn't really be an Emily at all. We'd have nothing to talk about, since she wouldn't be analyzing the world, constantly questioning and coming to conclusions and decisions, aging, studying her own changes.

The only best Emily is Emily as she is now, the cutting edge, most learned Emily, with her separate life and family. The Emily I rarely see but treasure every minute we do spend together. I look forward to the next Emily.