Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I was in a castle.  There was an art and video game convention going on and a bunch of my old classmates were there.

My buddy Lake was demoing a character he'd designed and there was some kind of holographic projector, so we could see the character at life size.  It was already rendered in 3d and animated, so Lake was controlling it realtime making it jump and climb and do attack moves.  The character basically just looked like him in a long red coat.

Suddenly the castle was under attack by a medieval army.  Lake grabbed my hand and said we had to hide because we were royalty.  He told me he didn't just look like me but that he was really my brother and we were prince and princess.

My old classmate Marco was there too and he already knew who we really were.  He knew the castle really well and said he could hide us.  We followed him through a maze of secret passages and down a well shaft and a couple spiral staircases until we were far underground.

We came to a room that was almost like a cave with a big shaft that went straight up further than we could see, and in the middle of the room was a brilliant blue hot spring that turned emerald green on the edges.  Under the water there were two giant eggs.

Lake and I had each found one of the eggs when we played in the underground mazes as kids but we had forgotten about them.  But Marco was a longtime family friend and had known our parents before they died and we had to disguise ourselves as character designers.  He was a prince from another castle.

Marco left to go fight the invaders and Lake and I looked for a long stick or something to poke at our giant eggs in the hot spring with.  But the eggs heard our voices and began to hatch.

They were dragon eggs!  The dragons came out of the hot spring, turning it back into regular cool clear water, and came to us.  My dragon was red with black eyes and Lake's was black with red eyes.  We climbed onto our dragons' backs and flew up through the shaft and got away.

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