Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Convert

I was at some kind of sewing contest. There were tables set up with sewing machines on them and piles of random fabrics and the point was to sew the best thing from scratch.  I wasn't competing but I wanted to sew and I dug around in the scrap pile and there were tons of half-sewn things I had started and decided were crap and gave up on, and I was momentarily afraid these people who took things very seriously would see these ugly projects, so I buried them under other fabric and left.

Outside there was a sort of normal neighborhood but on the corner was a huge ancient building that the locals were explaining to me was their school.  It was built of very rough stone, and it was really tall, maybe 600 feet (this neighborhood had only 2-story buildings aside from the school) and it had the stairs on the outside, spiraling up around the structure making it get thinner at the top like a pyramid but a more severe angle.  The stairs were narrow and had no railings.  There was a woman on the stairs, and a few children.  Someone walking with me explained that the school had been built from ruins of past civilizations in the area, and told me the woman was one of the teachers.  You could tell by her feet, because the stone steps were rough and sharp but no one was allowed to wear shoes on the stairs, and her feet were thickly callused.

We continued walking and came to a couple parking garage-type structures with a narrow alley between them, and there were two warring factions occupying each.  The soldiers looked modern but were no older than teenagers, and their uniforms and helmets were varying shades of gray.  Both sides looked the same.

A small group of soldiers came running out and told me they were so glad to see me and started filling me in on the enemy's positions while escorting me into one of the parking garages.  I was aparently some kind of famous war hero and they expected me to turn the tide of the battle, which wasn't going well for them.  I could see why, they were disorganized and seemed to have no discipline or training, and I gave them a run-down of tactics and made a battle plan.  We were to split up, take positions all over our wall facing the enemy, and snipe them from many directions.

I had a really good position and ended up shooting several enemy soldiers.  Our guns, instead of shooting bullets, shot a handful of pebbles, not lethal at all, in fact not even hard enough to hurt.  But apparently this was normal, as the enemies, when hit, left the battle.

Our side finally was doing well, and I got bored and remembered I was actually a vampire.  I leapt across the narrow alley to the other parking garage and jumped onto the leader of the opposing team.  Everyone was too shocked to shoot (and they were wrestling with the hypnotic, powerful effect of my sexy vampire pheromones) and I bit the leader dude.  The two of us started glowing as I consumed his mind and he became dangerous and cool and sexy like me.

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