Friday, November 25, 2011

That's Right, Beeyotch

I was on the edge of Lake Superior and remembered that I'd always been able to breathe underwater and thought "If I can beathe underwater, why do I spend all my time on land?  That's stupid."

So I waded into the water and it was super cold.  Of course.  Lake Superior is always super cold.

I swam out further, trying to get my body used to the water, but it was just too cold for me to let my head under, so I didn't get to try breathing underwater.  I just went back to shore.

I still wanted to take advantage of my power though, so Tony and I went to the top of a big hill and found a river flowing down.  He could breathe underwater too.  We got into the water and it wasn't cold, in fact it was pretty warm.  It was warm enough that it had tons of plants and mosses and slimes growing in it so I still didn't want to breathe that water.

We stuck to the surface out deeper where we wouldn't get slimed and followed the flow of the river.  It was fed by springs that looked like little fountains and the area all around it was a beautiful forest you couldn't get to except by the river.

When the river flowed back near civilization again we got out to go back to town.  We found ourselves in some kind of walled-in private property that belonged to a company that was doing all kinds of random things like making combined tent-sleeping bags and giving rides on the end of the line of a crane, which I did hanging from my ankles and it was scary and definitely not concerned with being safe, but it was fun.

Then this lady came up to us to yell at us because we weren't supposed to be there, but she said so in a sweet voice full of passive-aggressiveness.  I didn't have any patience for it and I said "Don't be passive aggressive, save us all some time and tell us what you really mean."  She said fine and accused us of trespassing and I had an argument with her, saying we were just following the river and found the place by accident and that there was clearly no reason for the place to be off-limits aside from making those who got in feel special.

She couldn't say I was wrong, so she just left.

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