Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am Colossus

I dreamed I was Colossus (yes, of the X-Men).  But my back story was totally different.  I was a robot, built during WW2 in Japan.  They made me big and barrel-chested, with red hair and a beard, all metal and actual red, not like red hair.  Their plan was to use me to attack places and proclaim it an act of aggression from Russia so that the Allies would think Russia was turning traitor.  But they needed a human mind to put into the robot and they used a real Russian mutant who could project his mind into other bodies and had him possess the robot body, then killed his real body, thus trapping him in the robot and wiping out his personality and memories.  That was how I came to be.  When they sent me to go attack something in the name of Russia, I was about to do it, but the X-Men came and got me and taught me to be good and everything.

The dream fast forwarded a few years of fighting alongside the X-Men and adding colorful Russian-accented banter as I loosened up and became my happy-go-lucky Russian self.  Then one day, we were boarding up into the X-men plane (this was not the Blackbird, but more like a military plane).  We folded our seats down out of the walls, and strapped ourselves in.  I opened a compartment in the ceiling where I had hidden a bunch of condoms and passed them out to the team.  Nightcrawler asked what they were for, and I answered "For safety!" and everyone laughed.  Typical me!

We landed for our mission.  I didn't really have a role in the plan, so I went to a bar.  I was shocked to recognize an old friend there from before I had been forced into this cursed metal body and my old memories began to come back.  I was afraid he wouldn't believe me, so I didn't tell him who I was, and I abused my day job selling "Revolution" brand jeans and beer to give him free stuff to make him be my friend, and he invited me along to meet some friends of his at another place.

It turned out he had actually been a traitor and had joined the Japanese, that he was the one who told them about my abilities and had gotten me captured, and his friends were some of the people who had worked on me and killed my human body.  I freaked out but they had been ready for me, and when I tried to escape, they captured me using a special weapon like a tranquilizer gun that worked on robots.  Kind of a taser thing.  They were going to reprogram me to be properly evil like them and go killing their enemies and destroying evidence of their Nazi cooperation.

But one of the Japanese scientists was really a good guy, and he had tried to rebel when they first killed my body but had failed to save me.  His spirit had been crushed so he remained working with the evil guys, just doing the science part, telling himself it was enough to just not be behind the scenes building things, not the one actually doing the evil actions.  But when I showed up he knew it was his chance to finally redeem himself, so he showed me that the goofy Russian bosy was a disguise and I had been built with the ability to transform into a way more badass, powerful, sleek, Gundam style robot.  And I could fly.

I carried him on my back and flew away from the evil dudes, and they tried to shoot me down.  I managed to dodge, but my scientist friend was hit.  We landed on a roof somewhere, momentarily safe, but he was dying.  His final farewell to me was a code word that unlocked the brainwashing they'd done to me, so I was no longer confined to this cold metal body.  My memories came flooding back, along with a bunch of new powers I had never known I possessed.

Then the evil guys finally located me and attacked with all their weapons, decades' worth of inventions designed specifically to take me out.  I fought like a demon, using my powers to blast the programming out of their machines and the consciousnesses out of their bodies.  But the most powerful of their weapons were shielded against me, and they landed some serious hits.  My body was overheating, and some of my limbs and guns were so mangled they were useless.  I knew I had to take the last of them out, so I kamikazed and threw my body onto their biggest, most sophisticated weapons and exploded myself.  The explosion triggered the bombs in the weapons to go off and blew the whole place up in a white hot flare that wiped out the whole top of the tower.  I had won.

And my mind had gone into a seagull that was flying away from the blast.  I flew away, back to rejoin the X-Men.

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  1. Nonie, you are one amazing chick! That is a superb ending to that crazy exciting dream.
    --Julie and Boris