Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quentin Tarantino's Boat

I was hanging out with some of my artist friends, and one of them knew Quentin Tarantino.  One of my friends, Carmen, had a movie idea she wanted to pitch to him, so we called him and all we got to say was that we wanted to talk to him, and he was like "Oh! Oh!  I'm so there." and he appeared.  He was panting and explaining that he flies all over the country to meet with people and talk about ideas.  We were like "Carmen has an idea!" and Quentin said "Wait, we have to do this right.  I like to rent out the convention center of a town or small city, somewhere small enough that it's a big fucking deal to have anyone go there.  Like Denver City, Utah."  Tony and I got all excited and said we'd been to Denver City twice (even though that's not a real place, it was true in the dream).

So Quentin made some calls and was like "There's a place in Florida that's perfect.  C'mon, we're taking the boat."  I was momentarily confused because we were in Oklahoma and being the experienced road traveler I am, I was pretty sure a boat was not the best way to get to Florida.  But then Quentin's people drove up in a gigantic plywood canoe parade float thing.  And I was like "Ohhh, yeah, that kind of boat will work!"

So we all made a supply run to a gas station because we knew you can get bad sunburns on a boat, but all they had on display was hunting stuff.  We asked the clerk where all their Mexican items were and he took us upstairs where they had all the sandals and sunglasses and sunblock, and we stocked up and got in the boat and took off through a huge expanse of golden wheat fields.  We even fished over the side of the boat and caught chickens.

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